14 Twitter Accounts to Follow as a Web Developer

Bernard Bado
November 19, 2021
14 Twitter Accounts to Follow as a Web Developer
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If you don’t already know what this bird tweeting app is. The most accurate description would be to say, it’s a social media platform, which gained a lot of popularity during the Facebook outage.

But all jokes aside, it was also popular before this event took place. The platform is full of ambitious people, sharing valuable knowledge, helping others to succeed.

Some people also refer to it as social media for developers. And they’re not far from the truth. When I open my homepage, I can’t see anything else than Tech or Marketing tweets.


No pictures of breakfasts, no videos of dogs taking a bath. Just a very well-tailored feed of useful information.

But to achieve this, you have to do one thing first. You have to tell Twitter you’re interested in this kind of content. To do so, you need to follow the right kind of accounts. And you need to engage with them. This way, the platform will know the content you’re interested in. And it will serve it to you.

With that information in mind, let me share with you thelist of accounts, you should follow as a web developer.

Dan Abramov

👉 @dan_abramov — 306k Followers

Co-creator of React, and the father of Redux.

You can check out Dan’s profile using this link. He tweets about the latest news from the React universe. And from time to time, he’ll share some insider information from Facebook. Unfortunately, they can’t be used to predict the price of a stock market.

Jen Simmons

👉 @jensimmons — 77k Followers

Developer Advocate at Safari, member of the CSS Working Group.

Jen Simmons is a graphic designer, web developer, educator, and speaker known for her expertise in web standards, particularly HTML and CSS. If you want to stay in the loop regarding Web Standards, she’s the one to follow.

Lea Verou

👉 @leaverou — 115k Followers

Member of the W3C, trying to make web development easier.

If you want to get an exact idea of what’s like to be inside of mind that belongs to a brilliant web developer. The only thing you need to do is follow Lea and read her tweets. Pretty soon, you’ll get the idea!

Rachel Andrew

👉 @rachelandrew — 58k Followers

Technical writer for web.dev, member of the CSS Working Group.

If you like cats and web development, you should follow Rachel. Apart from cute fluffy pictures, she shares valuable posts that will help you stay in the loop of web development.

CSS Working Group

👉 @csswg — 44k Followers

They’re cascading with style.

If your love for CSS doesn’t end with centering a div. The CSS working group is the account to look at. They’re tweeting about the latest updates from the cascading style world.

Suz Hinton

👉 @noopkat — 51k Followers

A dev who has a story to tell.

If you start following Suz, she can quickly become your favorite wholesome computer programmer (as her bio would suggest).


👉 @laurieontech — 34k Followers

Coding usefull software, one mistake at a time.

Laurie is all about tech and her Twitter feed suggests it. Suggestions on how to make your development workflow easier, work-life balance, productivity tips, that’s all you can find by a sheer look at Laurie's profile.


👉 @cassidoo — 172k Followers

Leader of Developer Experience Team at Netlify.

Another account that shares inspiring stories and experiences. Cassidy has a lot to share (being employed by a great tech company).

Ricardo Cabello

👉 @mrdoob — 52k Followers

Possible creator of ThreeJS.

Are you all about animations, motions graphics, and WebGL? I can’t think of a better account to follow than Ricardo. Retweeting value tweets, sharing “life happens” scenarios. And on top of that, a bunch of exciting repositories. That’s what Ricardo’s Twitter has to offer.


👉 @codrops — 181k Followers

Simply valuable content.

With all the tips and tricks. Codrops is dedicated to providing us with useful tutorials, insightful articles, creative inspiration, and free resources for web designers and developers.

Danny Thompson

👉 @DThompsonDev — 122k Followers

Sofware Developer by day, public speaker by night.

If you’re lacking motivation or valuable advice. You can replenish these sources by scrolling through Danny’s Twitter feed. He posts a ton of valuable advice from software engineering in general. From onboarding, interview, learning, all the way to the art of coding.


👉 @Prathkum — 134k Followers

Developer advocate for RapidAPI.

If you’re struggling with CSS, or if you’re lacking some neat tricks to upgrade your CSS skills, Pratham is your guy. Apart from that he also shares tips about freelancing and building APIs.

Florin Pop

👉 @florinpop1705 — 117k Followers

On a way to make million dollars in a 1000 days.

Florin has a pretty simple goal. But it’s not easily achievable. He’s trying to earn a million dollars until his 30s birthday. Will he do it, or will he inevitably fail? There is just one way to find out Give him a follow and join his journey.

Bernard Badó

👉 @CodeWithBernard — 127 Followers

Creator of deapmarket.com, Owner of Upbeat Code.

I have to confess, I just barely made the list. And the reason for that is because I have connections with the author. But all jokes aside, I’m in the process of growing my Twitter account.

I post mostly web development tips and programming jokes. Sometimes I sprinkle a bit of information from the crypto world. If this content interests you, feel free to check out my profile here.

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re not on Twitter already, I suggest you give it a try (at least for a day). It’s not like other social media out there. It doesn’t contain cute videos of dogs or cats. It doesn’t contain useless pictures of breakfast. It’s a place to share valuable insights and ideas.


I encourage you to sign up. Who knows? Maybe during that little time, you‘ll find a golden nugget that will change your life forever.